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About Us

The faces and masterminds behind FFA. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.

Daniel Polomski

Social mind and coffee enthusiast

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Bangkokonian by choice. Particularly passionate about the game’s potential to unite people of all backgrounds. Hates racism and loves people. When he is not working on projects for FFA or wondering about Hamburg’s (blue/white/black) recent performance, he spends time working towards his PhD in Human Rights.

Tobias Enkel

Technical mind and sleepoholic

Grown up in the Rhine-Ruhr area in Germany. Living in Asia for nearly a decade. Loves the game ever since he can walk. Started his football passion in the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund, followed by many matches around the world. While spending the weekdays mostly working for a German media outsourcing service, his weekends are all about the love of football, including FFA.


Football Fans Asia (FFA)

Football Fans Asia (FFA) is a project dedicated to the promotion of Asian football through short video documentaries.

While watching many football matches during our trips around Asia, the idea to start a project that connects both of our passions - traveling and football - slowly grew upon us. As we realised again, and yet again how interested the people around Asia are in European football, we in turn decided to give an understanding of Asian football.

Our focus lies upon the supporters and the atmosphere around match days. With our videos we are trying to capture the singularity of every club’s fan base and make the experience tangible for everyone interested in the game.

Acknowledging the complexity of every place we visit, every club and fan club we focus and every single supporter we talk to, we can only offer an introductory glimpse into the complex reality.

As this project grew out of our passion and therefore not being guided by financial interests, we are able to follow our personal interests. In doing so, we will be able to follow what motivates us most – interesting fixtures and fan bases throughout Asia.

If you have any ideas for a project or any suggestions and feedbacks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Football Fans Asia

Our Motivation

Daniel and Tobi first met at a football game in Chonburi, Thailand back in 2011. Being ticket- and hopeless, Daniel approached the only other foreigner he could spot. What followed were two free tickets, lots of beers and the start of a friendship that goes well beyond enjoying the game together. It is the game’s power to connect people of various backgrounds and our personal history that inspired us to start FFA. As the game is our biggest passion, and we chose Southeast Asia as our home away from home, our motivation to bring FFA forward draws from the curiosity of getting to know more stories like ours.

Having said this, FFA is more than a project to us! It’s an expression of our mutual passion. What could possibly be better than traveling around to watch football, getting to know new cultures and people and sharing the stories with others that feel the same?

Daniel and Tobias (Football Fans Asia)

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